Joachim Feuerstein

Joachim Feuerstein was born in Germany. He obtained university degrees in German and French Literature, Philosophy, Theology and Musicology. He worked as a teacher and inspector of Pedagogy in schools of France and Germany, and later as an advisor of the German Minister of Foreign Affairs for the study of the German language as a foreign language in Greece, Cyprus and Algeria. He was also involved in theater staging and used to be a violinist playing in many musical bands. He has published several articles and books on topics related to Ethics, Political Philosophy, History, Pedagogy and Theology. He is currently retired living in Saarbrucken, Germany and in Achaia, Greece.


Use of Soft and Neutrosophic Sets for a Mathematical Representation of the Ethical Rules
Michael Gr. Voskoglou, Joachim Feuerstein, Evangelos Athanassopoulos. © 2023. 19 pages.
Soft and neutrosophic sets are used in this chapter as tools for introducing a multi-valued logic for ethics. The introduction of a multi-valued logic in ethics is not a new...