Joaquim Gabriel Mendes

Joaquim Gabriel Mendes received a post-degree in Automation and Management of Industrial Processes, the M.Sc. degree in Industrial Computing from University of Porto in Virtual Instrumentation, and the Ph.D. degree on Industrial Electronics, Piezoelectric based applications. From 1995 to 97 was EU-STA researcher at Kanagawa Science Park, Japan, working in very high precise positioning devices. Since 2003 he is Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto teaching automation and instrumentation subjects. In 2012 he was invited professor at Yokohama City University, Japan. He holds several patents in area of instrumentation. He has been developing instrumentation for applications, both in engineering and medicine.


Innovative Research in Thermal Imaging for Biology and Medicine
Ricardo Vardasca, Joaquim Gabriel Mendes. © 2017. 340 pages.
Technological advances in thermal imaging have had far-reaching impacts on the fields of biology and medicine. By studying the diverse applications in thermal imaging...