Johanna Wenny Rahayu

Johanna Wenny Rahayu is currently an associate professor at the department of computer science and computer engineering La Trobe University, Australia. Her major research is in the area of object-relational databases, web databases and semantic web. She has published more than 70 papers appeared in international journals and conference proceedings. She has edited three books, which form a series in web applications, covering web databases, web information systems and web semantics. Currently, she is involved in a number of large projects in software development in collaboration with several industry partners in Australia.


Object-Oriented Oracle
Johanna Wenny Rahayu, David Taniar, Eric Pardede. © 2006. 328 pages.
The popularity of object-oriented concepts, design, and programming has stimulated the need for a database system that enables a straightforward process to store and retrieve...
Web Semantics & Ontology
David Taniar, Johanna Wenny Rahayu. © 2006. 404 pages.
Web Semantics & Ontology provides an excellent overview of current research and development activities, while covering an extensive range of topics including ontological...
Web Information Systems
David Taniar, Johanna Wenny Rahayu. © 2004. 388 pages.
The Internet is already more widely deployed than any other computing system in history and continues to grow rapidly. New technologies, including high speed wide area network...
Web-Powered Databases
Johanna Wenny Rahayu, David Taniar. © 2003. 356 pages.
Web-Powered Databases provides an excellent snapshot of current research and development activities in the area of Web or Internet databases. Its content supplies potential...