John McCaskill

John McCaskill completed his PhD in 2012 from the University of Texas at Dallas where he serves as a Clinical Professor in the department of Public and Nonprofit Management. He is an honor graduate of the United States Army War College. John’s current research interests and publications focus on sustainability and the resilience of public and nonprofit organizations under stress.

John’s previous publications examine U.S. national security with regard to energy policy. His professional background includes over 20 years of military service as well as 17 years in the building products industry specializing in sustainable building products. John’s design work in the building products industry has resulted in the award of five patents.


Agent-Based Modeling in Humanitarian Interventions: Emerging Research and Opportunities
John McCaskill. © 2017. 99 pages.
When a nation or region of the world is under a state of distress and violence, international government agencies are tasked with the job of delivering aid to assist. Before...
Cognition and Complexity: An Agent-Based Model of Cognitive Capital under Stress
L. Douglas Kiel, John McCaskill. © 2013. 15 pages.
Contemporary knowledge work places create tremendous challenges for employees and managers. High levels of “cognitive capital” are required to cope with the rapidly evolving...