José Carlos Rouco

Carlos Rouco is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management in the School of Economic Sciences and Organizations at Lusofóna University,Lisbon. Currently, he is the director of the Department of Air Transport and Airports Management and Director of the Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Management. He teaches courses on crisis management, business strategy, leadership, human resource management, development and vocational training. He has taught and coordinated several intensive leadership courses (internal regime for 3 and 5 days) for young university students, entrepreneurs, bankers, and firefighters.


Business Continuity Management and Resilience: Theories, Models, and Processes
José Carlos Rouco, Paula Cristina Nunes Figueiredo. © 2024. 333 pages.
In an era characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), organizations are faced with an ever-changing array of crises that pose a threat to both...
Reskilling in the Artificial Intelligence Era
Paula Cristina Nunes Figueiredo, Maria João Justino Alves, José Carlos Rouco. © 2024. 17 pages.
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound impact on the workforce. As AI automates more and more tasks, it becomes increasingly important for employees to...
Business Continuity Management and Resilience Challenges
José Carlos Rouco, Paula Cristina Nunes Figueiredo. © 2024. 15 pages.
VUCA and BANI emphasize the importance of adaptability, resilience, and effective risk management in today's complex environments. Business continuity management (BCM) is a...
Artificial Intelligence: Its Use for Creation of Value in Airports
Diogo Andrade Belejo, José Carlos Rouco, Lúcia Silva Piedade. © 2024. 24 pages.
Nowadays, when it's a priority to support the recovery of the civil aviation industry, it is essential to consider the role played by technology, specifically artificial...
Handbook of Research on Challenges for Human Resource Management in the COVID-19 Era
Paula Cristina Nunes Figueiredo, Eduardo Luís de Campos Soares Tomé, José Carlos Dias Rouco. © 2022. 543 pages.
The importance of people in organizations has been growing in the organizational environment over the last decades. Digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and...