Joseph P. Fiorentini

Joseph P. Fiorentini is a doctoral student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the department of Teaching & Learning. His research interests includes examining video games as stealth assessments for reading comprehension and literacy performances within video game environments.


Towards a Living Systematic Review: Updating Trends of Psychometric Analysis Evidence in Game-Based Assessments
Sam A. Leif, Danielle L. Head, Joseph P. Fiorentini. © 2023. 36 pages.
Calls for examining the psychometric properties of games as assessments have continued to circulate in subsequent years. Therefore, the current authors posit that the foundation...
Data-Triangulation Through Multiple Methods: The Case for Stealth Assessment
Michael P. McCreery, Danielle L. Head, S. Kathleen Krach, Sam A. Leif, Joseph P. Fiorentini. © 2022. 26 pages.
Rating scales are a traditional method for gathering social, emotional, and behavioral data. However, rating scales are at risk for validity problems associated with biased...
Transformative Social and Emotional Learning: Examining Learning Management Systems Through the Pairing of Digital Learning Environments
Joseph P. Fiorentini, Michael P. McCreery, Le Quanda L. Cole, Sam A. Leif, Malaya M. Monk, Jessica R. Bagneris, Danielle L. Head. © 2021. 23 pages.
COVID-19 required teachers and administrators to swiftly transition traditional education into learning management systems (LMS). However, LMSs are designed as delivery trucks...