Julian Dorado

Julian Dorado is associate professor in the Faculty of Computer Science in the University of a Coruña. He finished his graduate in Computer Science in 1994. In 1999, he became Ph.D, with a special mention of European Doctor. In 2004, he has finished his graduate in Biology. He has worked as a teacher of the University for more than 8 years. He has published many books and papers on several journals and international conferences. He is at present working on Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Computing, Artificial Neural Networks, Computer Graphics and Data Mining.


Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence
Juan Ramón Rabuñal Dopico, Julian Dorado, Alejandro Pazos. © 2009. 1780 pages.
Numerous real-life problems so complex as to be virtually insoluble by means of traditional computer science techniques can now be approached effectively with artificial...
Artificial Neural Networks in Real-Life Applications
Juan R. Rabuñal, Julian Dorado. © 2006. 394 pages.
Artificial Neural Networks in Real-Life Applications offers an outlook on the most recent works in the field of artificial neural networks (ANN). It includes theoretical...