Julie D. Swanson

Julie D. Swanson teaches in the College of Charleston’s Department of Teacher Education, where her specialty is teaching others how to better identify and understand how to meet the educational needs of gifted children. She has worked since the early 1990s on exploring ways to improve educational opportunity and challenge for under-represented gifted students in SC.


Identifying, Describing, and Developing Teachers Who Are Gifted and Talented
Meta L. Van Sickle, Julie D. Swanson, Judith A. Bazler, Kathryn L. Lubniewski. © 2019. 302 pages.
Much of the research about teachers focuses on “those who can’t/don’t/aren’t good” in the classroom. However, teachers who are gifted and talented exist, but there has been...
What Defines Giftedness and Talent
Julie D. Swanson. © 2019. 11 pages.
The author explores the definition of gifted and talented through a theoretical lens, an operational lens, with international perspectives, and through research and practice...
Toward a Definition of a Gifted and Talented Teacher: Case Analysis
Meta Lee Van Sickle, Julie D. Swanson, Julianna Ridenhour. © 2019. 21 pages.
What shapes an individual into a teacher who is gifted and talented? How does one identify gifted or talented educators in education classes or in the schools? In an exploration...