Karina Becerra-Murillo

Karina Becerra-MurilloKarina Becerra-Murillo earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education. Dr. Becerra-Murillo holds two Master of Arts degrees from Azusa Pacific University in Educational Leadership and Educational Counseling and a dual B.A. degree in Spanish Literature and Language from California State University, San Bernardino. She has over 20 years of practitioner experience in a K-12 public school setting. Dr. Becerra-Murillo currently serves as a Director of Human Resources in a Southern California school district. She has experience as a site and district level Administrator including the following positions: Director of Special Education, Coordinator of Special Education, Principal, Assistant Principal, Counselor, and Teacher. Her career in public education started as an Instructional Aide in Special Education. Dr. Becerra-Murillo’s experience extends from Preschool to Higher Education. She serves as Adjunct Faculty at American College of Education, teaching courses in the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership as well as supporting doctoral candidates through the dissertation process in the Ed.D. program. Her research interests include special education, inclusive practices, equity, diverse learners, English language learners, gifted education, and Universal Design for Learning.


Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Language Learning Environments
Karina Becerra-Murillo, Josefina F. Gámez. © 2023. 326 pages.
Inclusive pedagogy adopts the premise that all students are able to learn, and practitioners are prepared to help them reach this goal. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has...
English Language Learners With Disabilities: The Importance of Culturally Responsive Teaching
Karina Becerra-Murillo, Josefina Flores Gámez. © 2023. 17 pages.
English language learners (ELLs) are a fast-growing and diverse student population in the United States. Students with disabilities and English language learners are significant...
Understanding Inclusive Practices for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder Through the Individualized Education Plan Process
Karina Becerra-Murillo. © 2022. 20 pages.
Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often display atypical behaviors which general education teachers may not know how to handle. As a result, students with ASD may not...
The Four C's, Constructivism, and Digitizing Curriculum: An Inclusive Approach to Teaching Transferable Skills
Amy Earl, Vicki Anne Carbee, Karina Becerra-Murillo, Amanda Marie Evans. © 2021. 22 pages.
It is estimated that by 2055 humans will have entered the fourth industrial revolution, a period where technology devices will replace or redefine the human workforce. In...