Katherine Blashki

Katherine Blashki has a recognised background in the Communication, Arts and Information Technology faculties at numerous universities including Monash and Deakin Universities in Australia and Noroff University College in Norway, Professor (Dr) Katherine Blashki is also acknowledged for her extensive experience in the creative industries sector with a focus on game-based learning, creating narrative and systems development. Previously Head of School of Multimedia Systems, Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Chair of New Media Technologies, a collaboration between the Faculties of Arts, and Science & Technology, both at Deakin University, and Director of Research and Education at AFTRS, Katherine now consults to aspiring higher education institutions across the world. With a demonstrated commitment to encouraging industry innovation, her research and writing credits include more than 110 papers and journals together with participation in community, industry and international consultancies in communication, IT and the creative industries. Katherine is currently Program Chair for the IADIS Games and Entertainment Technologies and Human Computer Interfaces conferences, held since 2005, and a past Board member for Film Victoria based in Australia.


Emerging Research and Trends in Interactivity and the Human-Computer Interface
Katherine Blashki, Pedro Isaias. © 2014. 580 pages.
With a variety of emerging and innovative technologies combined with the active participation of the human element as the major connection between the end user and the digital...
Human-Computer Interfaces and Interactivity: Emergent Research and Applications
Pedro Isaías, Katherine Blashki. © 2014. 348 pages.
In more ways than one, assistive technologies can have a profound impact on humans and their operations within society. Understanding these emerging technologies is crucial to...