Laurenţiu Cătălin Frăţilă

Laurentiu Catalin Fratila is a PhD associate professor at the Management Information System Department of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (BUES). He graduated from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (1992) from the Polytechnica University of Bucharest and the Management Faculty from the BUES. He holds a PhD in Automatic Control and Computers, Applied Information System Specialization (2004). He has trained at Harvard Business School (USA, 2008), NISPAcee - Bialystok (Poland, 2001), Orleans University of Economics (France, 2000), Vienna University of Economics (Austria, 1997). Areas of interest are: IT applied in economics, computer systems design, financial management, and entrepreneurship. The research activity was concreted through books and articles in the fields of information systems and financial management, but also through participation in internal and international research projects as project director or member of research teams. He has been active on the capital market as a broker, IT specialist and manager of brokerage company (1997-2006), as well as a substitute member of the Bucharest Stock Exchange Ethics Commission (2000-2004). He was a member of the eRomania team, whose goal was to design and implement an integrated IT system for public administration. The professional activity was also carried out as a personal counselor of the Research Minister of Research and Technology (1997) and as personal counselor of the Minister of Communications and Information Society (2010-2012).


Business Models for Energy Storage
Adrian Tantau, Laurenţiu Cătălin Frăţilă. © 2020. 24 pages.
Energy storage is an important component of the renewable energy system. Besides the economic advantages of this process, to delivery energy when have high price, there are...
Trends and Conclusions for Business Development in the Renewable Energy Industry
Adrian Tantau, Laurenţiu Cătălin Frăţilă. © 2020. 18 pages.
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Entrepreneurship and Business Development in the Renewable Energy Sector
Adrian Dumitru Tantau, Laurenţiu Cătălin Frăţilă. © 2018. 381 pages.
The need for clean sources of energy has increased dramatically as the realities of climate change have begun to effect life on earth. As a result, the demand for pioneering...