Lonny Douglas Meinecke

Lonny Douglas Meinecke, Ph.D., is a member of the adjunct psychology faculty at King University in Bristol, Tennessee. He researches marginal topics concerning social justice (ageism, ableism, and animal justice), and is a member of several organizations including the Social Psychology Network, the Psychology Coalition at the United Nations, the Task Force on Indigenous Psychology, the Society for Theoretical & Philosophical Psychology, and the International Society for Justice Research. His work is about promoting reverence for childhood and old age, and the importance of honoring biological life of every age and every kind, while Life is briefly here.


Examining Biophilia and Societal Indifference to Environmental Protection
Mary Ann Markey, Lonny Douglas Meinecke. © 2021. 279 pages.
The theory of biophilia posits that there is an innate connection between all the species that share Earth’s biosphere and that this connection is inherently collaborative as...