Maja Pucelj

Maja Pucelj (1982) graduated from the Faculty of Public Administration in Ljubljana and the Faculty of Management in Koper and received her master's degree from the New University Faculty of government and European Studies and the European Faculty of Law. She completed her first doctorate at Alma Mater Europaea - ISH in the field of humanities and finished her second doctorate by New University Faculty of government and European Studies in the field of international studies with an emphasis on human rights. She started her career as a policewoman, where she also participated in a special police unit, she continued her career as a risk manager, head of legal services in the field of leasing and banking, as a director of marketing and auditor in an audit company. Before joining Faculty of organisational studies (FOŠ), where she works as Assistant professor, she worked as an advisor to the Minister of Education, Science and Sport in the fields of pre-school education, primary education, secondary and higher education, adult education, and the quality of education and as an undersecretary in the Cohesion Policy department at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. She is an author of numerous works in the field of human rights.


Balancing Human Rights, Social Responsibility, and Digital Ethics
Maja Pucelj, Rado Bohinc. © 2025. 330 pages.
The relentless march of technology has given rise to a host of ethical dilemmas, challenging established notions of privacy, human rights, and societal obligations. The...
Bridging Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility: Pathways to a Sustainable Global Society
Maja Pucelj, Rado Bohinc. © 2024. 324 pages.
Amidst the significant societal changes defining our time, the interplay between human rights, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility has become a global concern....
Corporate Governance and CSR Strategies for Sustainability
Maja Pucelj, Rado Bohinc. © 2024. 368 pages.
The fundamental link between human rights and sustainability still needs to be more adequately understood in a world grappling with a complex social environment that needs to be...
Human Rights in the Innovative Sustainable Socially Responsible Society (ISSRS)
Maja Pucelj, Matjaž Mulej, Anita Hrast. © 2024. 29 pages.
The upholding of fundamental human rights is essential for the survival and well-being of humanity, as emphasised by the fundamental principle of ISO 26000. Initially...