Maria Helena Fino

Maria Helena Fino received the PhD degree in Electrotechnical Engineering from the New University of Lisbon, Portugal, in 1995. She is an Assistant Professor at the Electrotechnical Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT). Since 2012, she is the coordinator for the Integrated Master on Electrotechnical and Computer Science Engineering in FCT. She co-authored seven book chapters and several journal/conference papers. She was invited for a Plenary Session on IEEE-Mixdes 2013. She has been a reviewer forIEEE Transactions on CAD and for Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing from Springer. Her current research interests include the development/use of compact models for passive and active components and the use of Verilog-A for the implementation of compact models and optimisation-based methodologies for the design of RF/Analog circuits in nanometric technologies.


Performance Optimization Techniques in Analog, Mixed-Signal, and Radio-Frequency Circuit Design
Mourad Fakhfakh, Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle, Maria Helena Fino. © 2015. 464 pages.
Improving the performance of existing technologies has always been a focal practice in the development of computational systems. However, as circuitry is becoming more complex...