Mark Sheehan

Mark Sheehan ( is Executive Director for Information Services and Chief Information Officer for Montana State University. In recent years he has presented an introduction to portal technologies to audiences at EDUCAUSE 2000, the 2000 and 2001 User Services Conferences of the Special Interest Group for University and College Computer Services (SIGUCCS) of the Association for Computing Machinery, and the 2001 annual meeting of the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium. Dr. Sheehan writes frequently for such publications as EDUCAUSE Review, EDUCAUSE Quarterly and ONLINE. In 1995 he won the UMI Excellence in Writing Award for his article “Pulling the Internet Together with Mosaic,” published in ONLINE.


Designing Portals: Opportunities and Challenges
Ali Jafari, Mark Sheehan. © 2003. 318 pages.
Portals present unique strategic challenges in the academic environment. Their conceptualization and design requires the input of campus constituents who seldom interact and...
Mark Sheehan, Ali Jafari. © 2003. 5 pages.
This is a book about Internet portals in higher education. It grew out of the editors’ sense that the application of portal technologies to college and university needs is a much...
Online Survey Results
Mark Sheehan. © 2003. 14 pages.
In summer 2001, the editors of this book conducted an online survey to gather opinions about what a portal is perceived to be in the context of higher education. Survey...