Martin Richardson

Martin Richardson gained the world’s first PhD in Display Holograms from The Royal College of Art in 1988. In 1999, he was awarded the Millennium Fellowship by the UK Millennium Government Commission and in 2009 became an Associate Member to the Royal Photographic Society when he was awarded Societies “Saxby” medal for his contributions to 3-D imaging. He is currently Professor of Modern Holography at De Montfort University, where he leads the Imaging and Displays Research Group in the Faculty of Technology.


Techniques and Principles in Three-Dimensional Imaging: An Introductory Approach
Martin Richardson. © 2014. 324 pages.
The current progression of 3-D imaging is part of a photonics revolution that continues to discover new human needs and ever-greater potential. Updating the content as further...
Principles of Holography: Wavefront Reconstruction and Holographic Theory
Martin Richardson. © 2014. 17 pages.
The discovery of diffraction and interference led eventually to the holographic principle, the recording and reconstruction of the shape of a wavefront. Transmission and...
The Prime Illusion
Martin Richardson. © 2014. 31 pages.
This final chapter focuses on the potential of three-dimensional imaging. In particular the medium’s ability to record three-dimensional objects, as with the holograms made of...
Holography: Re-Defined
Martin Richardson, Paul Scattergood. © 2009. 10 pages.
When writing this chapter it became apparent that we were not only exponents of digital holography, but also the critics. This is a problem when it comes to new media. How can...