Max Chevalier

Max Chevalier is an associate professor in computer science at the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse III (France) since 2002. His research addresses user centered approaches in information systems like personalization, visual information retrieval interface, social computing. He conducts research on these topics within the Toulouse Computing Research Laboratory (IRIT - UMR 5505).


User Models for Adaptive Information Retrieval on the Web: Towards an Interoperable and Semantic Model
Max Chevalier, Christine Julien, Chantal Soulé-Dupuy. © 2012. 19 pages.
Searching information can be realized thanks to specific tools called Information Retrieval Systems IRS (also called “search engines”). To provide more accurate results to users...
Decisional Annotations: Integrating and Preserving Decision-Makers' Expertise in Multidimensional Systems
Guillaume Cabanac, Max Chevalier, Franck Ravat, Olivier Teste. © 2010. 17 pages.
This chapter deals with an annotation-based decisional system. The decisional system the authors present is based on multidimensional databases, which are composed of facts and...
Collaborative and Social Information Retrieval and Access: Techniques for Improved User Modeling
Max Chevalier, Christine Julien, Chantal Soule-Dupuy. © 2009. 390 pages.
Professionals are continually presented with numerous information sources creating the need to determine their relevance within the huge amount of available information....
Web Information Retrieval: Towards Social Information Search Assistants
Guillaume Cabanac, Max Chevalier, Claude Chrisment, Christine Julien, Chantal Soulé-Dupuy, Pascaline Laure Tchienehom. © 2008. 35 pages.
Nowadays, the Web has become the most queried information source. To solve their information needs, individuals can use different types of tools or services like a search engine...