Maya Dimitrova

Maya Dimitrova received her higher education in psychology from St Petersburg, Russia, in 1985. She obtained her MSc in psychology (by research) (with distinction) from Warwick University, UK, in 1995 and her PhD on Adaptive Human Computer Interface from Institute of Control and Systems Research at BAS in 2002. She is currently Associate Professor at the Institute of Robotics at BAS, working on humanoid robotics for learners with special needs. Since 2017 she engaged with EU funded project of Cyber-physical systems for pedagogical rehabilitation in special education CybSPEED.


Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dynamics Evaluation Using Piezo-Resistive Technology for Unpowered Areal Vehicles
Alexander Shamliev, Peter Mitrouchev, Maya Dimitrova. © 2020. 19 pages.
The paper presents a method for real-time observing of the convectional processes in the atmosphere boundary layer. The essence of the method is in providing real-time...
Cyber-Physical Systems for Social Applications
Maya Dimitrova, Hiroaki Wagatsuma. © 2019. 440 pages.
Present day sophisticated, adaptive, and autonomous (to a certain degree) robotic technology is a radically new stimulus for the cognitive system of the human learner from the...
Learner Attitudes Towards Humanoid Robot Tutoring Systems: Measuring of Cognitive and Social Motivation Influences
Maya Dimitrova, Hiroaki Wagatsuma, Gyanendra Nath Tripathi, Guangyi Ai. © 2019. 24 pages.
A novel framework for investigation of the learner attitude towards a humanoid robot tutoring system is proposed in the chapter. The theoretical approach attempts to understand...
Towards Design of High-Level Synthetic Sensors for Socially-Competent Computing Systems
Maya Dimitrova. © 2016. 15 pages.
The chapter presents a conceptual model for high-level synthetic sensor design in present-day Web x.0 mediated socially-competent computing systems. The aim is design of...