Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe

Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe is a special educationist who professes in inclusive education. What makes him a researcher is not only his advanced education with training in rigorous research, but also his involvement in some book chapters, community engagement projects (most interestingly on the education of children in schools for the visually impaired), and many articles published in peer-reviewed journals of standing, such as the century-old Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness. Professor Maguvhe writes on various topics, the common focus of which is the empowerment of learners with disabilities, particularly those with visual impairment (including the Deaf-blind). He has published numerous articles on community-based rehabilitation (CBR) and the empowerment of learners with visual impairment, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems, the teaching of science to learners with visual impairment, inclusive education (IE), orientation and mobility for blind and partially sighted persons, curriculum adaptation for learners with visual impairment, adult education and training (AET), and the adaptation of examination materials for learners with sensory impairments. The spectrum of his research interests is broad, yet focused on the empowerment of learners with visual impairment through unhindered access to education and training. In his latest book, Professor Maguvhe devotes a chapter to university access for students with disabilities in addition to the areas mentioned above. These academic and practical initiatives make him a researcher of note, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where most educated persons with visual impairment do not engage in research because of the considerable M.O. Maguvhe (2015) Inclusive education: a transformation and human rights agenda under spotlight in South Africa: African journal of disability vol 4(1, art./183, 7 pages.


Handbook of Research on Inclusive and Accessible Education
Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe, Nwacoye Gladness Mpya, Marubini Christinah Sadiki. © 2024. 468 pages.
In the vast expanse of education, a pervasive issue remains in the marginalization and lack of visibility of individuals with disabilities. Despite a strong desire for...
Inclusive Education: Controversies, Successes, and Future Prospects
Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe. © 2024. 17 pages.
This chapter puts inclusive education in the spotlight. It further interrogates its implementation; roles and responsibilities of various role-players; the extent to which...
Handbook of Research on Shifting Paradigms of Disabilities in the Schooling System
Hlabathi Rebecca Maapola-Thobejane, Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe. © 2023. 535 pages.
Children living with disabilities face hardships of many kinds that make it impossible for them to access quality education in the same way as their peers in the schooling...
Inclusive Education: A Social Initiative in an African Perspective
Hlabathi Rebecca Maapola-Thobejane, Mbulaheni Obert Mauvhe. © 2023. 13 pages.
The demand for inclusive education has increased and fostered major changes to schooling and education, where learners with disabilities are taught alongside their peers within...
Handbook of Research on Creating Spaces for African Epistemologies in the Inclusive Education Discourse
Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe, Mfundo Mandla Masuku. © 2022. 488 pages.
Students with disabilities who are not able to perform to the best of their abilities often find themselves learning in inaccessible environments and subjected to increased...
Inclusive Education Volition, Participation, and Social Change
Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe. © 2022. 13 pages.
Lack of access to educational resources and inequality in educational provision are the main reasons why learners with disabilities do not benefit from or participate in...
An African Perspective of Inclusive Education: Issues, Challenges, and Concerns
Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe, Siyabulela Tshangela. © 2022. 12 pages.
This chapter highlights an African perspective of inclusive education issues, challenges, and how ubuntu philosophy could be used to address them. The chapter targets academics...
Inclusive Education for All, of All, by All
Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe, Siyabulela Tshangela. © 2022. 17 pages.
Accessibility of regular classrooms for learners with disabilities remains a huge challenge, despite the move that regards education as human right for all in the Universal...
Using African Epistemology Insight to Unpack Inclusive Education: A Conclusion
Mfundo Mandla Masuku, Mbulaheni Obert Maguvhe. © 2022. 4 pages.
In each chapter, ubuntu and Afrocentricity was used to interpret and discuss inclusive education by using African concepts linked to African cultures without an alternative to...