Melanie B. Richards

Melanie B. Richards is the Associate Chair of the East Tennessee State University Department of Media & Communication and leads the department's Advertising and Public Relations program. She has been working in the research, analytics, and account planning world for over 20 years and prior to ETSU, spent the majority of her career working for both Fortune 500 companies and major nonprofit organizations in various leadership roles. Her academic research focuses on brand experience (especially in the nonprofit and cause space), public health communication, intergenerational communication and dynamics, and on the scholarship of teaching and learning. She is the co-author of the department's published experiential approach to teaching and student learning, the Applied Marketing & Media Education Norm.


Artificial Intelligence Trends and Perceptions: Content Strategy and the Customer Journey
Tariro S. Munyengeterwa, Melanie B. Richards, Joel B. Eaton. © 2023. 33 pages.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly reshaping brand and marketing communications. While significant research has been conducted on the impact of AI in other fields...
Media and Parental Communication: Effects on Millennials' Value Formation
Melanie B. Richards. © 2022. 19 pages.
Both popular media and scholarship have attributed adolescents' antisocial values and behaviors in part to media usage. Nevertheless, many scholars posit that media usage can...
The Words of War: A Content Analysis of Republican Presidential Speeches From Eisenhower, Nixon, G.W. Bush, and Trump
Patrick Ryan Lee, Melanie B. Richards, Robert Andrew Dunn. © 2021. 25 pages.
In this analysis of public speeches from four American presidents from the Republican Party, the ways in which those presidents discuss and position American defense activities...
Brand Fandom Insights: Marketing Themes and Trends From Practitioners
Melanie B. Richards, Stephen W. Marshall. © 2020. 24 pages.
The goal of this chapter is to discuss themes and trends, from a marketing practitioner's perspective, regarding the importance of brand fandom and how it is managed in a...