Meta L. Van Sickle

Meta L. Van Sickle, PhD, is a Full Professor at the College of Charleston. A teacher with over 20 years experience, Meta earned her Ph.D. in Science Education at the University of South Florida. Two of her recent IGI Global publications are about teacher education candidates who are gifted and talented. The first book chapter reviews the history of gifted and talented teaching through the science and mathematics education policies and practices. The second book chapter is a cross analysis of gifted and talented teacher education candidates. The most recent of her IGI publications is as an editor of the book Cases on STEAM Education in Practice.


Identifying, Describing, and Developing Teachers Who Are Gifted and Talented
Meta L. Van Sickle, Julie D. Swanson, Judith A. Bazler, Kathryn L. Lubniewski. © 2019. 302 pages.
Much of the research about teachers focuses on “those who can’t/don’t/aren’t good” in the classroom. However, teachers who are gifted and talented exist, but there has been...