Michela Ott

Michela Ott is a senior researcher at the Institute for Educational Technology within the Italian National Research Council (ITD-CNR). She has participated in, led and coordinated many national and international research projects in the field of Educational Technology. She is a member of the editorial board of important journals and is the author of more than 100 scientific publications published in national and international journals, books and conference proceedings. She is the author of several educational software packages and has contributed to the design and implementation of hypermedia systems. She leads national research projects dealing with the use of digital Mind Games to support and enhance students’ reasoning skills. She is involved in both STELLAR (Sustaining Technology Enhanced Learning at a LARge scale- www.stellarnet.eu) and GaLA (Game and Learning Alliance-www. galanoe.EU) Networks of Excellence: the former focuses on Technology Enhanced Learning and the second on Serious Games.


New Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning: Curriculum Integration
Sara de Freitas, Michela Ott, Maria Magdalena Popescu, Ioana Stanescu. © 2013. 310 pages.
Digital games continue to enable innovative learning in the classroom, however, its implementation into the educational system requires a fundamental approach to achieve its...
Challenging Current Ways of Evaluating and Documenting the Accessibility of Educational Digital Resources
Stefania Bocconi, Silvia Dini, Michela Ott. © 2012. 15 pages.
The accessibility of digital educational resources is a key issue in order to provide “all” students with equal educational opportunities. Teachers and educators need adequate...
Scaffolding Pedagogical Planning and the Design of Learning Activities: An On-Line System
Rosa Maria Bottino, Michela Ott, Mauro Tavella. © 2011. 14 pages.
This paper examines pedagogical planning as a means to foster the introduction of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tools into classroom practice. The authors...