Mihai C. Bocarnea

Mihai C. Bocarnea, Ph.D. joined Regent University in 1995 and currently serves as an associate professor in the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship. He is an expert in the areas of communication, research methods, quantitative analysis and statistics. His research interests include organizational communication, cross-cultural leadership, servant leadership, organizational change and pedagogy of online learning. Dr. Bocarnea has also served as research consultant for various organizations in the U.S. and overseas.


Leader-Follower Parasocial Interaction Scale
William J. Brown, Mihai C. Bocarnea. © 2021. 17 pages.
In the ubiquitous mediated world in which we live, we daily encounter organizational leaders through mediated communication. New communication technology and the age of the...
Online Instruments, Data Collection, and Electronic Measurements: Organizational Advancements
Mihai C. Bocarnea, Rodney A. Reynolds, Jason D. Baker. © 2013. 397 pages.
One of the infinite rewards to continuously advancing technology is an increased ease and precision in organizational techniques. Online data collection and online instruments...
Seven Scales to Measure the Seven Beatitudes in Leaders
John Kilroy, Corné L. Bekker, Mihai C. Bocarnea, Bruce E. Winston. © 2013. 24 pages.
This study presents seven scales for the seven beatitudes found in Matthew 5: 3-10. Separate scales were created rather than a conceptual instrument with seven factors since the...
An Online Measure of Discernment
Hazel C. V. Traüffer, Corné L. Bekker, Mihai C. Bocarnea, Bruce E. Winston. © 2013. 17 pages.
The Discernment Practices Indicator (DPI) reports three-factors: (a) Courage, (b) Intuition, and (c) Faith with Cronbach alpha values of (a) .85, (b) .89, and (c) .85...
Success Predictors in Graduate Online Learning
Doris Gomez, Mihai C. Bocarnea. © 2009. 9 pages.
Student attrition, although some to be expected, comes at a high cost. Failure to complete studies is recognized as a personal loss for the individual, an economic loss for the...