Mikhail Epshtein

Mikhail Epshtein received his Ph.D. in Pedagogy from St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University in 1998. Now he is Associate Professor in School of Education, College of Staten Island, CUNY (since 2016). He was the associate professor in St. Petersburg State University (2016-2019), St. Petersburg, Russia Areas of his research interests are alternative education, history of pedagogy, an interaction of business and education in the implementation of STEAM-programs with schoolchildren. He is engaged in the implementation of relevant projects in practice working in non-profit organizations and projects: School League (CEO, 2010-2015), Korczak Institute for Alternative Education (leader, 2006 - present.), the Educational center "Uchastie" (CEO, 1991-present).


Business Community Engagement for Educational Initiatives
Mikhail Epshtein. © 2019. 325 pages.
A recently created trend within the past few years is the active involvement of the business community in the development and implementation of various educational programs....
The Sociocultural Outlook for Education and Business Interaction
Mikhail Epshtein. © 2019. 24 pages.
The chapter, which is an introduction to the book, discusses language features and ways of describing the phenomenon of cooperation between business and education, and attempts...
School Week of High Technologies and Technical Entrepreneurship: Experience of the Educational Event
Mikhail Epshtein, Alexey Yushkov. © 2019. 29 pages.
For the modern school, the task of organizing the design and research activities of schoolchildren, connected with modern science and high technologies, is very actual. This is...
Education for the Innovative Development of a Region: The Synergy of the Potential of Modern Business, Educators, and Youth
Mikhail Epshtein, Sergei Mikhelson. © 2019. 23 pages.
The chapter describes the possible mechanism of supporting the development of education in a region through an organization of interaction between education and businesses into a...