Milan Marković

Milan Marković , PhD in Economics, is a Research Associate at the Innovation Centre of the University of Niš. From 2014 to 2019 he was engaged in the project “Improving Competitiveness of Public and Private Sector by Networking Competences in the Process of European Integrations of Serbia”. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal “Economics of Sustainable Development”, a member of the Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans and the Balkan Scientific Association of Agricultural Economists, and a reviewer of many scientific publications. His key areas of interest are sustainable development, economics of agriculture and international finance.


Towards Sustainable Development: A Multi-Criteria Assessment of the Circular Economy in the European Union
Milan Marković. © 2023. 23 pages.
In a sustainable society, which countries strive for, a special place belongs to the circular economy. The circular economy offers certain solutions that tend to make development...
Relationship Between Population Health and Economic Development on the Example of European Countries
Ivana Marjanović, Milan Marković. © 2022. 22 pages.
The purpose of the chapter is to determine the link between the health of the population and economic development in the case of European countries. Based on the selected health...
The Role of Polyculture in Sustainable Agricultural Development and Prevention of Land Degradation
Milan Marković, Ivana Marjanović. © 2022. 22 pages.
The aim of the chapter is to show the possible impact of policulture farming on some determinants of sustainable agricultural development, especially from the point of view of...