Mohammad Ayoub Khan

Mohammad Ayoub Khan received the Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India, and the Master of Technology degree in computer science and engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha, New Delhi. He is currently an Associate Professor with the University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia. His research interests include the Internet of Things, RFID, wireless sensor networks, ad hoc networks, smart cities, industrial IoT, signal processing, NFC, routing in network-on-chip, real time, and embedded systems. He has more than 14 years of experience in his research areas. He has published many research papers and books in reputed journals and international IEEE. conferences. He contributes to the research community by undertaking various volunteer activities in the capacity of editor for many journals and as the conference chair.(


Infrastructure Possibilities and Human-Centered Approaches With Industry 5.0
Mohammad Ayoub Khan, Rijwan Khan, Pushkar Praveen, Agya Ram Verma, Manoj Kumar Panda. © 2024. 318 pages.
Infrastructure Possibilities and Human-Centered Approaches With Industry 5.0 is a research book that serves as a comprehensive exploration of the potential impact of Industry 5.0...
Smart Village Infrastructure and Sustainable Rural Communities
Mohammad Ayoub Khan, Bhumika Gupta, Agya Ram Verma, Pushkar Praveen, Cathryn J. Peoples. © 2023. 343 pages.
Smart village infrastructure and Industry 5.0 attempt to improve internet connectivity in rural and remote locations by delivering broadband infrastructure. Smart village is a...
Smart Village Infrastructure and Rural Communities
Pushkar Praveen, Ayoub Khan, Agya Ram Verma, Manoj Kumar, Cathryn Peoples. © 2023. 15 pages.
Rural communities around the world face significant challenges in accessing basic services such as healthcare, education, and sanitation, as well as in promoting economic growth...
Artificial Intelligence Applications in Agriculture and Food Quality Improvement
Mohammad Ayoub Khan, Rijwan Khan, Pushkar Praveen. © 2022. 335 pages.
Food is a necessary aspect of human life, and agriculture is crucial to any country’s global economy. Because the food business is essential to both a country’s economy and...
Applications of Deep Learning in Agriculture
Padmesh Tripathi, Nitendra Kumar, Mritunjay Rai, Ayoub Khan. © 2022. 12 pages.
Today's era is the era of technologies. Technologies have widely been employed in each and every field. The field of agriculture is not untouched with the technologies, and...
Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for Crop Yield Prediction
Divya Goel, Payal Gulati, Suman Kumar Jha, Dr Nitendra Kumar, Ayoub Khan, Priti Kumari. © 2022. 17 pages.
The agricultural segment is a major supporter of the Indian economy as it represents 18% of India's GDP, and it gives work to half of the nation's work power. The farming...