Nadeepa Wickramage

Nadeepa Wickramage is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Albany State University.


Integrating Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT): An Effective Tool for Providing Equitable Opportunity in Higher Education
Devi Akella, Laxmi Paudel, Nadeepa Wickramage, Michael Rogers, Annalease Gibson. © 2022. 358 pages.
Students of color and those of lower economic backgrounds and of underrepresented groups appear to face a disadvantage when they transition from high schools into colleges. These...
Effect of Transparency in Different Modalities: A Case Study in Business Courses
Nadeepa D. Wickramage. © 2022. 19 pages.
Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) is an initiative focused on making the learning process simple and clear, which allows equitable access for all students irrespective...
Critical Reflections of Faculty Using TILT in Classrooms at a Historically Black University
Devi Akella, Laxmi P. Paudel, Nadeepa Wickramage, Annalease Gibson. © 2022. 32 pages.
Higher education is considered a strong driver of social mobility and of generating family wealth. However, students of top quartile income group have four times higher chance of...