Namjae Cho

Namjae Cho is the professor of MIS at the School of Business of Hanyang University. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Seoul National University, Master’s degree in Management Science from KAIST, and Doctoral degree in MIS from Boston University, U.S.A. He has published research papers in Industrial Management and Data Systems, Asia Pacific Management Review, International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, International Journal of Management Digest, Management Insight, Journal of Contemporary Management, etc. He also published several books and over 50 papers domestically. He has provided extensive consulting to the government and well-known companies such as Microsoft, SK, POSCO, Sun Microsystems, LG, and Samsung. His research interests includes IT planning, analysis of IT impacts, strategic alignment between IT and business, IT governance, e-business strategy, knowledge management, and industry policy.


Designing a Dynamic Buyer-Supplier Coordination Model in Electronic Markets Using Stochastic Petri Nets
Iraj Mahdavi, Shima Mohebbi, Namjae Cho, Mohammad M. Paydar. © 2008. 20 pages.
Functional relationship between supplier and buyer in an open market place leads to investigate the role of both quantifiable and non-quantifiable parameters in coordination...