Nansi Shi

NanSi Shi received his Ph.D. from University of South Australia in 1998 and M.E. from Nanyang Technological University Singapore in 1995. Dr. Shi has over 30 years of experience in Information Management and Systems field, including industry practice, academic research, doctoral supervisor and teaching. He has authored and edited several books in various areas, including the E-Commence technology, architectural of Web-enabled e-business, wireless communications and mobile commerce and applications, as well as IT governance. He is currently working as a principle consultant and interested in blockchain technology, Internet of Thing, 4th generation technology flatform and applications, IT Governance, strategy and quality management etc.


Architectures and Frameworks for Developing and Applying Blockchain Technology
Nansi Shi. © 2019. 337 pages.
The blockchain revolution has drastically impacted global economics and the strategic practices within different industries. Cryptocurrency specifically has forever changed the...
Mobile Commerce Applications
Nansi Shi. © 2004. 358 pages.
Mobile Commerce Applications addresses and explores the critical architectural issues in constructing m-commerce applications and in applying mobile technologies in different...
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
Nansi Shi. © 2004. 350 pages.
Mobile Commerce is an emerging phenomenon based on quickly growing applications of wireless technologies and mobile communications. Mobile communication is becoming as essential...
Architectural Issues of Web-Enabled Electronic Business
V.K. Murthy, Nansi Shi. © 2003. 439 pages.
Web technologies play a critical role in today's web-enabled e-Business. A key to success in applying the web-based technologies to the real world problems lies in...
Deploying Internet Commerce in Lottery Businesses: An Executive Guideline
Nansi Shi, David Bennett. © 2001. 16 pages.
Commerce is essentially the exchange of goods and services in various forms between sellers and buyers, together with associated financial transactions. Electronic Commerce (EC)...