Nelson Antonio Moreno-Monsalve

Nelson Moreno-Monsalve is a Systems Engineer specialized in Project Management. With Master and Doctorate in Management. He has participated in different technological projects. He is currently director of the project management research group and associate professor at the EAN University of Bogotá - Colombia. His research topics focus on: project management; organizational information systems; technology management; business strategy and competitiveness.


Handbook of Research on Promoting an Inclusive Organizational Culture for Entrepreneurial Sustainability
Rafael Ignacio Perez-Uribe, David Ocampo-Guzman, Nelson Moreno-Monsalve. © 2023. 395 pages.
In recent times, there have been many changes to global work environments that have highlighted the importance of prioritizing an inclusive, equitable, and diverse organizational...
Knowledge Management and Its Relationship With Organizational Maturity Processes: An Approach on Project Management
Nelson Moreno-Monsalve, Sandra Delgado-Ortiz. © 2021. 13 pages.
In a business context characterized by constant change, companies highlight management models focused on the growth of people and, derived from this, on the generation and proper...
Handbook of Research on Management Techniques and Sustainability Strategies for Handling Disruptive Situations in Corporate Settings
Rafael Perez-Uribe, David Ocampo-Guzman, Nelson Antonio Moreno-Monsalve, William Stive Fajardo-Moreno. © 2021. 616 pages.
Faced with chaotic environments, it is not possible to make totally efficient forecasts, especially when it is necessary to analyze events with multiple variables and micro...
Incidence of Organizational Culture in Digital Transformation Projects
Nelson Antonio Moreno-Monsalve, Sandra Marcela Delgado-Ortiz, José-Vicente Valdenebro García. © 2021. 19 pages.
Organizational culture can be defined as the set of characteristics that distinguish one organization from another through the establishment of norms and values that describe the...
Handbook of Research on Project Management Strategies and Tools for Organizational Success
Nelson Antonio Moreno-Monsalve, H. Mauricio Diez-Silva, Flor Nancy Diaz-Piraquive, Rafael Ignacio Perez-Uribe. © 2020. 537 pages.
Project management tools can be used as an alternative to improve and strengthen a company’s position in the market. However, the management of projects has been in constant...
Project Management With High-Performance Work Teams: Analysis of Generic Competencies That Influence Collective Performance
Nelson Antonio Moreno-Monsalve, José Pablo Nuño de la Parra, Sandra Marcela Delgado-Ortiz. © 2020. 18 pages.
One of the factors that positively affect the objectives of a project is the performance level of the human talent that executes it. From the human point of view, a project can...