Nilkamal Singh

Nilkamal Singh at present is pursuing Ph.D. in yoga science, conducting scientific research on the psychophysiological effects of various yoga practices. Published 25 papers in pubMed indexed journals.


Research-Based Perspectives on the Psychophysiology of Yoga
Shirley Telles, Nilkamal Singh. © 2018. 456 pages.
Yoga has evolved into a popular fitness practice across the globe. With the various schools of practice, it is imperative for practitioners to study both traditional texts and...
The Psychophysiology of Yoga Regulated Breathing (Pranayamas)
Shirley Telles, Nilkamal Singh. © 2018. 18 pages.
The aim of yoga is to attain a mental state free from disturbance. Various yoga techniques have been prescribed for this in traditional yoga texts. The ancient yoga masters...