Nor Aziah Alias

Nor Aziah Alias, PhD is an associate professor of Instructional Technology at the Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. She graduated with an undergraduate and Master degrees in Physics from Indiana University, Bloomington USA before pursuing her graduate certificate in Open and Distance Learning in USQ, Australia and her doctoral degree at the International Islamic University Malaysia. Her areas of interest include instructional design, design and development, ICT for development (ICT4D) and motivation in online learning. She has published in both international and national publications and has won several academic awards including the Malaysian Educational Technology Association (META) Best Dissertation Award in 2007. She is currently a fellow of the Amy Mahan Research Fellowship program that is supported by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC). She can be reached at


Service Learning for Inclusive Society in Malaysia: Driving Learning through Meaningful Experience
Roslinda Alias, Nor Aziah Alias, Johan Eddy Luaran, Harrinni Md Noor, Nurin Fatihah Rahenan. © 2017. 10 pages.
Service learning is a method of teaching which combines classroom instructions with service to community. The provision of meaningful experience allows learners to drive their...
The Model of Technology-Supported Learning for Special Educational Needs Learners: Towards Inclusive Environment for Students With Disabilities (SWDs) in Malaysian Higher Education
Roslinda Alias, Nor Aziah Alias, Johan Eddy Luaran, Rosilawati Sueb, Mahadi Kamaludin. © 2017. 17 pages.
The Model of Technology-Supported Learning can be considered among the comprehensive model in creating the inclusive environment for SWDs. It is based on the two needs...
Instructional Technology Research, Design and Development: Lessons from the Field
Nor Aziah Alias, Sulaiman Hashim. © 2012. 505 pages.
Design and development research, which has considerable implications for instructional design, focuses on designing and exploring products, artifacts and models, as well as...
Design and Development Research in Instructional Technology
Nor Aziah Alias, Sulaiman Hashim. © 2012. 23 pages.
This chapter introduces the reader to design and development research (Richey & Klein, 2007) which is theory driven, action and interventionist orientated, participant centred...
Incorporating Cultural Components into the Design of an Affective Support Tool for the Malaysian Online Distance Learners
Nor Aziah Alias. © 2011. 26 pages.
For the purpose of this case, culture is defined according to the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Cultural Diversity (2001) as the “set of distinctive spiritual, material...
Technology to Enhance the Affective Learning Outcomes of Teacher Trainees
Nor Aziah Alias, Nor Aiza Alias. © 2010. 18 pages.
This chapter focuses on the utilization of technology to enhance the learning outcomes of pre-service teachers in the context of post secondary four year teacher education...