O. Ferrer-Roca

O. Ferrer-Roca, MD, PhD, was born in Barcelona, and studied Medicine in the Central University of Barcelona from 1966-1972 with Honors. She got the PhD with “Cariotyping and tissue culture of tumors” in 1974 with Honors. She specialized in Pathology in 1974 being trained in Paris, Milwakee-USA, and London. Working as pathologist in the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona since 1972, she got the Assistant Professorship in Pathology in 1974 and the Chair of Pathology of the University of La Laguna in 1982. She commercialized a pathology image analysis system TEXCAN ® ™ specialized in visual textural analysis of the cell chromatin and DNA and immunohistochemical quantification. She founded the CATAI association in 1993, and has been the President since then. She got the UNESCO Chair of Telemedicine in 1999 for the University of La Laguna. Since 1996, she trains the students of Medicine and Computer Science on Telemedicine, creating the European Master of Telemedicine and Bioengineering applied to Telemedicine in 2004, at distance. She is editor of 12 books and 214 publications, and is the author of the first textbook of telemedicine, Handbook of Telemedicine (Amsterdam: IOS-Press, 1998), containing the Ontology of Telemedicine.


Health 4.0 in the i2i Era
O. Ferrer-Roca, D. González Méndez. © 2012. 15 pages.
The acceptance of iPhones, iPads, and iPods in medical environments, as well as the FDA approval of several diagnostic-prognostic-distant care-management applications...
Standards in Telemedicine
O. Ferrer-Roca. © 2011. 24 pages.
For many years, medical teams working on telemedicine have made a strong effort to define the telemedicine Body of Knowledge (BoK), and generate compatible standards that allow...