Olaf Immanuel Seel

Olaf Immanuel Seel is a native bilingual in German and Greek. He also speaks English, French, some Spanish and Italian. He holds a B.A. in German Language and Literature, in English Language and Literature, in Theatre Science and a Ph.D. in Translation Studies. As a Ph.D. candidate, he was awarded the annual The Ryochi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Research Grant of the Tokyo Foundation, the Sylff. His doctorate was published in the series “Studien zur Translation” of the renowned German publishing company Stauffenburg. He is the author of “An Introduction to General Translation. A Functional Approach [...]”, published as an e-book in Greek. His publications and research interests are genuinely interdisciplinary. ?hey extend within a range of fields and sub-fields, including Intercultural Communication, Translation Studies, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Localization, Terminology, Greek and German literature, Foreign Language Teaching. He is currently a Lecturer of translation (Greek/German) at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of The Ionian University of Corfu, Greece. As a translator, his working languages are German, Greek and English.


Redefining Translation and Interpretation in Cultural Evolution
Olaf Immanuel Seel. © 2018. 310 pages.
Culture has a significant influence on the emerging trends in translation and interpretation. By studying language from a diverse perspective, deeper insights and understanding...
Intercultural Pragmatics and Text Typology: An Integrated Approach to Translation Teaching
Olaf Immanuel Seel. © 2015. 21 pages.
This chapter intends to integrate culture, pragmatics, and text typology in translation teaching and to raise awareness on their significance in the translation process among...