Pedro Miralles-Martínez

Pedro Miralles-Martínez has been a Teacher and Professor for 39 years in all levels of education: adult education; primary education; geography and history teacher and professor in secondary education; Senior Lecturer and Full Professor in the Teaching of the Social Sciences at University. He has worked in permanent teacher training in two Teacher and Resources Centers. He has directed or participated in thirty research and innovation projects on the teaching and learning of the social sciences, history education, historical thinking, assessment, competencies, teacher training, textbooks and citizenship education in pre-school, primary and secondary education. He is the author of more than two hundred publications and been an invited speaker at more than a hundred conferences and scientific meetings. As far as management is concerned, he has performed the following roles: head of studies and principal at a public school, principal at a secondary school, secretary and director of a University Department. He was the coordinator of the first PhD program in Social Sciences Teaching; he has coordinated the Pedagogical Aptitude Course in Geography and History, the master’s and doctorate programs in Research and Innovation in Primary Education, as well as the master’s degree ‘Teaching Innovation in Infant and Primary Education’ and the Doctorate program ‘Teaching and Educational Innovation’. He was also the Principal Investigator of the research group 'Teaching of Social Sciences' (2009-2022). In addition, he has been vice-rector of Training and Innovation of the University of Murcia (2014-2018).


School-Museum Relationships and Teaching Social Sciences in Formal Education
Ainoa Escribano-Miralles, Pedro Miralles-Martínez, Francisca-José Serrano-Pastor. © 2022. 246 pages.
Coverage of heritage and archeology in formal education is typically limited. These subjects are typically taught through specific and anecdotal activities that do not respond to...
Cases on Historical Thinking and Gamification in Social Studies and Humanities Education
María Martínez-Hita, Cosme Jesús Gómez Carrasco, Pedro Miralles-Martínez. © 2022. 338 pages.
Research on history education and historical thinking is becoming increasingly relevant internationally. The need for a renewal of history education is not only justified by the...
Changes in Primary School Students' Ideas About History After Implementing a Gamified Intervention Programme
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The teaching of history requires a process of change to encourage the active learning of historical research methods rather than the mere memorisation and the learning of...
A Proposal for the Design of a Gamified Experience for the Teaching of Historical Thinking in Primary Education
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The need for a transformation of the teaching and learning process of history has long been called for from the field of history education research. A change is advocated which...
Heritage and Museums as Objects of Education for Citizenship in the Teaching of History
Ainoa Escribano-Miralles, Pedro Miralles-Martínez, Francisca-José Serrano-Pastor. © 2020. 24 pages.
Over the last few decades, heritage education in Spain has shifted from being just another area of knowledge to a scientific discipline in its own right. Heritage and heritage...