Porfirio Peinado Coronado

Porfirio Peinado Coronado is at Design Department of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, (UACJ). He is a full time teacher and researcher. Human activities and their impact to the environment, as well as green energies’ strategies and practices, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design’s (LEED) certification, and geochemistry are his areas of interest. His recent work comprises ecodesign and its environmental quality improvement, life cycle analysis, green building certification, geochemical characterization, and factorial analyses.


Handbook of Research on Ergonomics and Product Design
Juan Luis Hernández Arellano, Aide Aracely Maldonado Macías, Juan Alberto Castillo Martínez, Porfirio Peinado Coronado. © 2018. 446 pages.
Product design is an important field where ergonomics and human factors should be applied. To achieve this goal, effective strategies for process improvement must be researched...
A Creative Teaching Strategy to Generate Concept Designs and Their Possible Application in Tourism
Juan Manuel Madrid Solórzano, Ercilia Loera Anchondo, Porfirio Peinado Coronado, Ludovico Soto Nogueira. © 2018. 21 pages.
The aim of this chapter is to present the activities and results from a didactic strategy developed to generate concept designs that can be perceived as possible objects to be...
Ergonomic Assessment of Material Handling in CV Joint Assembly
Juan Luis Hernández-Arellano, J. Nieves Serratos-Perez, Porfirio Peinado Coronado. © 2016. 15 pages.
Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSD) is one of the most common problems that affect productivity in industrial processes. This chapter presents the ergonomic evaluation...