Rajesh Kumar Shakya

Rajesh Kumar Shakya is currently working with the World Bank as an e-Procurement Specialist. He is an International expert on e-Government Procurement (e-GP), Framework Agreements and public procurement strategies. He has got international experience working for more than 35 countries from Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central Asia, and Europe guiding more than 30 countries He has worked with the World Bank, USAID, Asian Development Bank, Eastern African Community, Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, and other government and development agencies. Dr. Shakya is the Ph.D. with Distinction in Public Administration from the Capella University, USA.


Green Public Procurement Strategies for Environmental Sustainability
Rajesh Kumar Shakya. © 2019. 228 pages.
This title is an IGI Global Core Reference for 2019 as it was edited by an e-procurement expert who has conducted research and worked for the World Bank, United States Agency for...
Green Public Procurement Implementation Framework: Strategies for Environmental Sustainability
Rajesh Kumar Shakya. © 2019. 22 pages.
Government expenditure on public procurement accounts for a sizeable part of economic activity and demand. The annual public-sector procurement budget accounts about 20% to 30%...
Green Public Procurement Initiatives in East African Community (EAC): The Way Forward
Rajesh Kumar Shakya. © 2019. 15 pages.
This chapter focuses on the green public procurement initiatives taken by the countries in the East Africa. The East African Community (EAC) Head of States signed the East...
Green Public Procurement in Bhutan: Success Story from Asia
Rajesh Kumar Shakya, Pem Lama. © 2019. 16 pages.
Bhutan is a developing country in Asia with a strong commitment to environment and sustainability. While most of the developing world is still trying to explore the opportunities...
Digital Governance and E-Government Principles Applied to Public Procurement
Rajesh Kumar Shakya. © 2017. 323 pages.
Public procurement is vulnerable on many levels. Therefore, to increase protection and improve efficiency, governments across the globe are looking to introduce electronic-based...
Digital Governance and E-Government Principles: E-Procurement as Transformative
Rajesh Kumar Shakya, Paul Roland Schapper. © 2017. 28 pages.
This chapter focuses on the capacity of digital governance to address key aspects of reform of traditional procurement, the growing complexity of government, and the governance...