Ramkumar Jaganathan

Ramkumar Jaganathan currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the esteemed Department of Information Technology & Cognitive Systems at Sri Krishna Arts and Science College in Coimbatore, India. His academic journey culminated in the completion of his Ph.D. degree from Bharathiar University, underlining his commitment to scholarly pursuits. With a prolific research career, he has authored and contributed to over 38 research papers, published in distinguished International Journals and Conferences, including SCOPUS and SCIE publications. His research endeavours primarily focus on ad-hoc networks, route optimization, decision support systems, and the Internet of Things, showcasing a diverse range of interests and expertise. Beyond his research contributions, he actively engages in various roles within the academic community. He has served as a Technical Committee Member, Scientific Committee Member, Advisory Board Member, and Reviewer for more than 413 International Conferences and 42 Refereed Journals. This extensive involvement underscores his commitment to advancing knowledge and the academic peer-review process. His multifaceted contributions to research, coupled with his dedication to the academic community, exemplify his standing as a respected professional in the field of Information Technology and Cognitive Systems.


Intelligent Decision Making Through Bio-Inspired Optimization
Ramkumar Jaganathan, Shilpa Mehta, Ram Krishan. © 2024. 275 pages.
Academic scholars, entrenched in the complexities of various domains, face the daunting task of navigating intricate decision-making scenarios. The prevailing need for efficient...
Bio-Inspired Intelligence for Smart Decision-Making
Ramkumar Jaganathan, Shilpa Mehta, Ram Krishan. © 2024. 334 pages.
In today's complex and fast-paced world, decision-making is critical to problem-solving across industries and academia. However, traditional optimization techniques often...
Cyber Security Challenges and Dark Side of AI: Review and Current Status
Nitish Kumar Ojha, Archana Pandita, J. Ramkumar. © 2024. 21 pages.
Experts believe that cyber security is a field in which trust is a volatile phenomenon because of its agnostic nature, and in this era of advanced technology, where AI is...
QoS-Enabled Improved Cuckoo Search-Inspired Protocol (ICSIP) for IoT-Based Healthcare Applications
R. Vadivel, Ramkumar Jaganathan. © 2020. 13 pages.
Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology which accommodates the hardware, software, and physical objects that collaborate with each other. IoT-based healthcare applications are...