Reymond Voutier

Reymond Voutier is a seasoned international business leader with decades of experience in project research, development, and marketing. His career began in product design and he founded Design Audit, a successful design consultancy that was ultimately acquired by Litton Industries, then the world's largest business conglomerate. Mr Voutier also worked as a management consultant for major clients across a range of industries. In recent years, he has been spearheading “Navigating the Future,” an initiative focused on AI and data assessment tools and how they can be leveraged by Cities, Business Enterprises and citizens to gain a better understanding of the Future of Work and Education issues. He has established strong relationships with City associations like Metropolis, the Global Parliament of Mayors and the OECD Champion Mayors, among others. Mr Voutier's expertise and extensive experience have earned him a respected reputation within the international business community. He is a member of several prominent G20 task forces, including groups within the B20, and T20. He is also a member of the Council on African Economic Integration.


Global Trust Registry Plus (GTR +) Connecting G20 Vision With Actions in Industry 5.0 Era: Global Trust Registry Initiative
Reymond Voutier, Mahmoud Numan Bakkar, Guillermo Pivetta. © 2023. 20 pages.
The chapter is based on the white paper distributed to the group of twenty (G20) and other global organizations concerning the global trust registry plus (GTR +) proposals for a...