Robert K. Logan

Bob Logan has a variety of experiences as an academic involved in research in complexity theory, information theory, biology, environmental science, linguistics, industrial design and media ecology studies. He published with and collaborated with Marshall McLuhan and continues his McLuhan studies research. He is also an author or editor of 15 books and many articles in refereed journals. He continues to teach The Poetry of Physics at the U. of Toronto where he is Prof. Emeritus. He is the Chief Scientist of the Strategic Innovation Lab at OCAD U. He is a Fellow at University of St. Michael’s College where he teaches a course simply entitled McLuhan and one entitled What is Information? He is also a Senior Fellow at the Origins Institute, McMaster U. and Senior. Fellow at the Institute of Biocomplexity and Informatics, U. of Calgary. In June 2011 he was presented with the Walter J. Ong Award for Career Achievement in Scholarship by the Media Ecology Association.


Communication, Information, and Pragmatics
Adriana Braga, Robert K. Logan. © 2019. 11 pages.
In this chapter, the authors first examine the meaning and significance of information, which will entail a critique of Shannon information theory. They show it is really a...
Communication, Information, and Pragmatics
Adriana Braga, Robert K. Logan. © 2018. 10 pages.
Social Resilience in Action: Subversive Uses of Mobile Technology in Brazil
Adriana Braga, Robert K. Logan. © 2014. 19 pages.
Recent statistics about the mobile phone market in Brazil state that for every 100 inhabitants there are 130 mobile phones. Despite the euphoria that those numbers bring to...