Robert van Wessel

Robert M. van Wessel (Author) holds a Master in Electrical Engineering from Twente University and an Ph.D. in Business Administration from Tilburg University (Department of Information Systems and Management). Robert’s research interests relate to the interaction and alignment of Business & Information Technology and include Business Performance and the Value of IT, Portfolio Management, IT Governance, Information Security Management and IT Standardization & Standards.

Robert has a broad expertise on the practical application of IT, ranging from data modeling to IT Service Management. Robert is currently Business Architect at a financial services enterprise and founder of ApexIS, a firm providing consultancy services to companies in his areas of research.


Toward Corporate IT Standardization Management: Frameworks and Solutions
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 307 pages.
The world of corporate management benefits when organizations realize the profitability, reliability, and flexibility obtained through IT standardization. Toward Corporate IT...
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 11 pages.
The main research objective of this book is to investigate how organizations can realize the intended business benefits from IT standardization. In order to investigate this, we...
Standardization & Standards
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 38 pages.
The inherently multidisciplinary process of standardization and its outcome, standards, are fascinating and complex subjects since it involves issues ranging from technological...
IT, Business Processes & Performance
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 28 pages.
This chapter describes literature about IT investments, and the impact of IT on the performance of a firm. The reason for this study is that effects of IT standards, which are an...
Building the Conceptual Model
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 34 pages.
It is difficult to isolate the business contribution of IT investments, and investments related to IT standardization are no exception, as discussed in the previous chapter. In...
Client/Server Standardization
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 21 pages.
It is often said that the use of standards in IT saves money. An example is given by Nash (2001) which shows that annual end-user support at a company using a standardized IT...
Software Development Standardization
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 29 pages.
Pijl et al. (1997) point out that strict adherence to software quality standards could be counterproductive if tailoring for specific types of systems is not possible. They also...
HR IS Standardization
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 20 pages.
To gain further experience with the conceptual model, as part of the theory testing phase, a third in-depth case study was carried out at FINCORP. The IS product standardization...
A Reflection Upon the Case Studies
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 35 pages.
Before the Corporate IT Standardization Management Framework is presented, first a summary and cross case analysis of the previous three case studies is given provided.
Information Security Management Standardization
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 28 pages.
In this Section an outline will be given on the discipline of Information Security and some of its related standards. Special attention will be paid to the ISO/IEC 17799 process...
Conclusions, Discussion, Recommendations
Robert van Wessel. © 2010. 15 pages.
In this chapter a final discussion will be presented following four case studies that have been carried out with respect to company IT standards using an initial and an enhanced...