Roger Green

Roger Green received a BSc in Electronics from UMIST, Manchester University, and a PhD in Video Communications from Bradford University, and then a DSc in Photonic Communications, Systems and Devices from the University of Warwick. His research interests are very wide, including photonic systems, communications, signal processing, and optoelectronics. He is a Fellow of the IET, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and a Senior Member of the IEEE. He currently holds the Chair in Electronic Communication Systems at the University of Warwick, and is a member of the EPSRC College.


Optical Wireless Communications in Vehicular Systems
Matthew Higgins, Zeina Rihawi, Zaiton Abdul Mutalip, Roger Green, Mark S. Leeson. © 2013. 14 pages.
This chapter reviews some of the network topologies and technologies within current vehicular systems. This is then followed by a proposal from the authors with initial viability...
Short-Range Ultrasonic Communications in Air
Chuan Li, David Hutchins, Roger Green. © 2013. 39 pages.
The idea of this chapter is to give an overview of a relatively new technology – that of using ultrasound to transmit data at short ranges, within a room say. The advances that...
Applied Signal and Image Processing: Multidisciplinary Advancements
Rami Qahwaji, Roger Green, Evor L. Hines. © 2011. 414 pages.
Image and signal processing techniques are receiving increasing interest because of their numerous real-world applications. Data is now available in different forms, different...
Signal Processing for Optical Wireless Communications and Sensing
Roger Green, Matthew Higgins, Harita Joshi. © 2011. 27 pages.
This chapter covers a broad area within the domain of optical communications, and, specifically, optical wireless communications, as it shares particular features with both RF...