Rosa Maria Viccari

Rosa Maria Viccari received her PhD in Electric Engineering and Computers from the University of Coimbra in 1990. Currently, she is an associate Professor of the Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul. She published 20 articles in specialized journals, 159 works in events, 10 chapters of books, and 7 published books. She also supervised 24 master works and 10 PhD theses in the area of Computer Science. Her research interests are: Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Distance Education, and Affective Computing.


Agent-Based Tutoring Systems by Cognitive and Affective Modeling
Rosa Maria Viccari, Patricia Augustin Jaques, Regina Verdin. © 2008. 392 pages.
In recent years, we have observed that many educational systems, especially intelligent tutoring systems, are being implemented according to an agent paradigm. Therefore...