Sabine Loudcher

Sabine Loudcher is a full professor in Computer Science in a research lab of data science and business intelligence of the University of Lyon (France). She received her PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Lyon in 1996 and since 2015, she is a full professor. From 2003 to 2012, she was the Assistant Director of the ERIC laboratory. Now, she leads a scientific axis of the Institute of Human Sciences of Lyon (MSH LSE) and she manages the Master of Digital Humanities of the University of Lyon (France). She carries out research on OLAP and Data Mining. She is more interested about data coming from documents or social networks. Her current work focuses on Graph OLAP, Text OLAP and Text Mining. She is involved in several projects especially in Digital Humanities with Social Sciences researchers.


Utilizing Big Data Paradigms for Business Intelligence
Jérôme Darmont, Sabine Loudcher. © 2019. 313 pages.
Because efficient compilation of information allows managers and business leaders to make the best decisions for the financial solvency of their organizations, data analysis is...