Sara Goodman

Sara Goodman, FL, MS, is a lecturer at the Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University, Sweden and coordinates the international masters program Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender at the Faculty of Social Science. Between 1998 and 2004, she lead the development of the gender studies education at Lund University and has received two awards for contributions in teaching: in 2005, the Lund University Prize for Teaching and in 2002, the Social Science Faculty Award for the Course of the Year. Her research interests are interdisciplinary and have focused on work, knowledge, gender, science and technology studies, information technology as well as the Third World studies in different constellations. More recently her research interests have also focused upon the teaching and development of gender studies as well as critical feminist pedagogy. Sara Goodman has represented Lund University in ATHENA( Advanced Thematic Network on Higher Education in Women’s Studies 1998 – 2009) since its inception and she has served as a member of the ATHENA taskforce for the last nine years. She currently is a member of a research project, Physics and Learning in Groups based at Chalmers School of Engineering and Gothenburg University.


Gender Issues in Learning and Working with Information Technology: Social Constructs and Cultural Contexts
Shirley Booth, Sara Goodman, Gill Kirkup. © 2010. 350 pages.
Gender, equity, learning, and information technology can intersect to form a theoretical and abstract field of knowledge emanating from very real, concrete, lived experiences....