Sergey Kataev

Sergey Kataev, doctor of science, Professor at the Department of General Physics, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Tomsk State Pedagogical University. He finished the physics department of the Tomsk State University. He worked as a Researcher of Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Siberian Physical-Technical Institute of the Tomsk State University. The areal of scientific research is linked to finding out of hidden regularities in empirical data of different nature. The main works are related to revealing of spatial and time patterns in geophysical and anthropogenic fields, and also to result interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar signals the probing subsurface layer. He is developing the direction, connected with image processing and regularities finding in Stochastic Flows of Events. Also, the links between knowledge and competition level are the research of interest in areal of education.


Handbook of Research on Estimation and Control Techniques in E-Learning Systems
Vardan Mkrttchian, Alexander Bershadsky, Alexander Bozhday, Mikhail Kataev, Sergey Kataev. © 2016. 679 pages.
Improvements in the application of online learning technologies are continually on the rise as the expectation for individuals to obtain a higher education grows and more people...
The Analysis of Degree of Formation of Competences on the Basis of Model of the Expert and Cluster Approach
Sergey Kataev, Zoya Skripko, Ekaterina Alekseeva. © 2016. 15 pages.
New approach to integrated estimation of graduates is considered in this chapter. Control of knowledge of the graduate of institute is important part in the course of training...