Shirley Booth

Shirley Booth is, at the time of writing, Professor at the Wits School of Education at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, and at the same time visiting professor in the Department of Education at University of Gothenburg in Sweden. She initiated the network of researchers with interests in gender, learning and IT under the auspices of the LearnIT research programme of the Knowledge Foundation of Sweden, which ultimately led to this book. Her own research interest is primarily learning and teaching in higher education, in particular in the areas of the mathematical, natural and engineering sciences, and also in teacher education. Her doctoral thesis concerned students learning to programme, and the methodological approach she used there, phenomenography, has remained an abiding research interest. She co-authored the book Learning and Awareness with Professor Ference Marton, where phenomenography was developed further into a theory of variation and learning.


Gender Issues in Learning and Working with Information Technology: Social Constructs and Cultural Contexts
Shirley Booth, Sara Goodman, Gill Kirkup. © 2010. 350 pages.
Gender, equity, learning, and information technology can intersect to form a theoretical and abstract field of knowledge emanating from very real, concrete, lived experiences....
Approaching Higher Education: A Life-World Story of Home-Places, Work-Places and Learn-Places
Shirley Booth, Eva Wigforss. © 2010. 19 pages.
The chapter tells of two women with low educational qualifications who embark on a journey into higher education by taking a distance course to introduce them to and induct them...