Stefania Bertazzon

Stefania Bertazzon joined the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary in 2001. She completed her Master degree at the University of Venice in 1992, and her PhD at Calgary in 1998. Stefania's research interests are in spatial analysis and its health, social, and environmental applications. She has developed reliable spatial analytical models for health, environmental, economic, and social sciences, integrating spatial epidemiology, risk analysis, and spatio-temporal diffusion analysis. She is part of several interdisciplinary teams, working on a range of health, social, and environmental projects.


Geographic Information Analysis for Sustainable Development and Economic Planning: New Technologies
Giuseppe Borruso, Stefania Bertazzon, Andrea Favretto, Beniamino Murgante, Carmelo Maria Torre. © 2013. 434 pages.
Spatial analytical techniques and geographical analysis and modelling methods are required in order to analyse data and to facilitate the decision process at all levels. Old...
A Comparison of Principal Component-Based and Multivariate Regression of Cardiac Disease
Fox Underwood, Stefania Bertazzon. © 2013. 18 pages.
Selecting factors suitable to use in a regression model is often a complicated process: the researcher strives to retain all theoretically important factors while avoiding high...