Sylvester Arnab

Sylvester Arnab (BSc(Hons) MSc PhD) received a PhD degree (2009) at the University of Warwick, UK and is currently a Senior Researcher at the Serious Games Institute (SGI), Coventry University, UK. His research interests and activities are mainly in the area of immersive environment and the application of technologies to address health, learning, and socio-cultural issues. He is involved in the coordination of the R&D activities under the EU-funded Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) - a Network of Excellence consisting of 31 partners including NATO and various game development projects, such as the Relationship and Sex Education project with the Studies in Adolescent Sexual Health (SASH) Group and a SGI Singapore. He was previously awarded the Prime Minister’s Initiative Partnership Development Grants for UK/ASIA in 2010 and the EU Transversal Programme Study Visit fund in 2011. He has various publications within the area of virtual worlds and simulation. He has been invited to speak at various events, such as the AI-MAS Winter Olympics in Bucharest alongside speakers from Adobe, Facebook, and Google. He was previously a research fellow at the International Digital Lab based at the University of Warwick working on projects operated under the EU Sixth Framework Programme, such as the Network of Excellence for Innovative Production Machines and Systems (I*PROMS), the Intelligent Robot Swarm for Attendance, Recognition, Cleaning and Delivery (IWARD), and INTUITION - a Network Of Excellence focused on Virtual Reality applications.


Serious Games for Healthcare: Applications and Implications
Sylvester Arnab, Ian Dunwell, Kurt Debattista. © 2013. 370 pages.
With advances in technologies and revolutions in patient, trainee, and public expectations, the global healthcare sector is increasingly turning to serious games to solve...
Integrating Games into the Classroom: Towards New Teachership
Harri Ketamo, Kristian Kiili, Sylvester Arnab, Ian Dunwell. © 2013. 22 pages.
The game-based learning approach has already shown its strengths from the learners’ point of view. However, there are numerous unrevealed ways to support teachers’ work within...