Tia Kansara

Tia KansaraTia Kansara is a multi award-winning entrepreneur and economist. The youngest to ever receive the Royal Institute British Architects honorary fellowship, she is the co-founder of Kansara Hackney Ltd, the first ISO-certified sustainable lifestyle consultancy, and CEO of Replenish Earth Ltd, a cause and a collective action to protect the global commons. Hailed amongst the Top 100 most influential leaders in Tech by the Financial Times and Inclusive Boards, her clients include Coca Cola, Bloomberg, the European Commission, Forbes, Formula One, MIT, and Siemens.


Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change
Jane Thomason, Sonja Bernhardt, Tia Kansara, Nichola Cooper. © 2019. 243 pages.
Emerging technologies continue to affect a variety of industries, making processes more effective and efficient. However, they also impact society by promoting opportunities to...